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Sunday Brunch 

Tropical Fruit and Berry Bowl 
   Vanilla Greek Yogurt/ Granola/ Banana/ Mixed Fruit & Berries

Pancake Stack   
  Banana/ Mixed Fruit & Berries/ Granola/ Bourbon Maple Syrup

Ube Pancakes   
                                      Filipino Flavored Pancakes made with  Ube Halaya Jam & Coconut Milk.                                      
Topped with Fruit & Berries/ Sweet Crumbs  Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Belgian Pecan Waffles   
 Strawberry/ Banana/ Chocolate Sauce/ Sweet Crumbs/ Cocoa Powder/ Vanilla Bean ice cream

French Toast 
 Brioche/ Mascarpone/ Mixed Fruit & Berries/ Sweet Crumbs/ Dulce De Leche Rum Sauce

Big Dan Breakfast   
    Two Cage Free Eggs Over Sourdough/ Applewood Smoked Bacon
Applewood Smoked Ham/ Turkey Sausage/ Sauteed Mushrooms and Spinach
Roasted Parmesan Yukon Potatoes/ Smashed Avocado

Steak & Eggs   
Two 3oz Beef Tenderloin Medallions /Two Cage Free Eggs Over Sourdough
Roasted Parmesan Yukon Potatoes/ Tomatoes/ Asparagus

Lox & Toast   
             Atlantic Smoked Salmon/ Whipped Cream Cheese/ Roe/ Red Onions/ Cherry Tomato/ Whole Grain Toast

Mrs. B's Plate 
Two Cage Free Eggs/ French Toast/ Bacon/ Mixed Berries 

Avocado Toast   
                                    Mashed Avocado /Feta Crumbles/ Heirloom Cherry Tomato / Soft Boiled Egg/ Mixed Greens        Whole Grain Toast

Ham & Eggs   
               Applewood Smoked Ham/ Scrambled Eggs   Cooper American Sharp White Cheese/ Spicy Mayo
Fresh Baked Butter Croissant/ Mixed Greens

Seafood Omelet   
                               Jumbo Lump Crab/ Baby Shrimp/ Cooper American Sharp White Cheese/ Sourdough                       Roasted Parmesan Yukon Potatoes

Porky's Omelet 
                           Applewood Smoked Bacon/ Applewood Smoked Ham/ Pork Sausage/ Onions/
                Cooper American Sharp White Cheese/ Sourdough/ Roasted Parmesan Yukon Potatoes

Veggie Omelet   
              Spinach/ Tomatoes/ onions/ Mushrooms/ Jalapeno pepper
Cooper American Sharp White Cheese  Sourdough/ Roasted Parmesan Yukon Potatoes

For the Kids
Pancake and Scrambled Egg   
Nutella and Banana French Toast   
Dine In Only

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