Fine Asian Cuisine
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Mixed Vegetables 13.99

Spicy String Beans 13.99

Mushroom & Broccoli 13.99

General Fried Tofu 13.99


Vegan Stir Fry 14.99
Broccoli/Braised Gluten/Five Spice Tofu/Mushroom/Zucchini/Baby Corn/Water chestnut/Carrot/add Steamed Bean Curd 2.99 

Vegan Noodles 14.99 (Bean Sprouts/Carrot/Onion/Green Onion/Zucchini/Mushroom/Five Spice Tofu/Rice Noodles

Bok Choy with Mushroom 14.99
Shitake Mushroom/Braised Gluten/Carrot/Green Onion/Vegetarian Oyster Sauce

Bean Curd with hot bean sauce 14.99 Chopped Baby Corn/Water Chestnut/Onion/Green Onion/Vegetarian Hot Bean Sauce