Tuna Poke Tower 15.5
Spicy avocado and diced tuna with spicy poke sauce over sushi rice 

​Chirashi Poke 15.5
Tuna/salmon/yellowtail /cucumber/ avocado/green onions in poke sauce over the sushi rice

Salmon Poke Bowl 13.5
Salmon/cucumber/avocado/ green onions/sesame seeds in poke sauce over the sushi rice

Tuna Sashimi Crudo 16.5 
Jalapeno pepper/ tobiko/fruit juice/ sesame oil/ soy sauce /olive oil  

Yellowtail Octopus Salad 16.5

White Tuna Sashimi Carpaccio (ponzu sauce) 15.5

Carpaccio (tuna/salmon/yellowtail (ponzu sauce) 15.5

Sushi Roll

        Asparagus Roll 4.99                  Avocado Roll 4.99                       Avocado & Cucumber 5.25
California Roll 5.99                  Cucumber Roll 4.50                    Smoked Eel Roll 6.75
Philly Roll 6.99                            Inari Roll 4.25                       Mr. B's Roll 6.25
        Salmon Roll 6.50                     Shrimp roll 7.25                           Spicy California Roll 6.50
Smoked Salmon Roll 6.50       Spicy Salmon Roll 6.99               Spicy Tuna Roll 6.99  
Tuna Roll 6.99                          White Tuna-escolar 6.99             Yellow Tail Roll 6.9

Special Roll

King of the Rolls 19  
Spicy tuna/enoki mushrooms/ asparagus/ nori and rice paper/ topped with jumbo lumps crab/spicy masago

Roll of the sea 18
Sweet shrimp/smoked/eel/cucumber/toast spicy lump crab meat

Atlantic Roll 18
Shrimp/crab stick/surf clam /cucumber/ spicy lump crab meat

Blondie Roll 16
Tuna/cream cheese/asparagus/ topped with crab stick/tempura flakes/ masago 

Tiger Roll 17
Lump crab meat/tuna/shrimp/seaweed salad/tempura bits/spicy mayo/ soy paper

Volcano Roll 17
Shrimp/spicy salmon/ avocado/ rice paper/ spicy mayo/ lump crab meat/ old bay

Sushi Burrito 16
Tuna/Salmon/crab stick/spicy masago/green lettuce/avocado/cucumber

Pacific Roll 17
Lump Crab meat/ Smoked Eel/ Spicy masago/ Cucumber/ Red Oak Lettuce

Green Coral 15
Shrimp tempura/Tuna/cream Cheese/ aohori

Dragon Roll 15
Shrimp tempura/smoke eel/Avocado /masago

Rock and Roll 15
Crab stick/cucumber/smoke Eel / tuna/salmon/ avocado 

Spicy Tempura Roll 14
Shrimp tempura/ cucumber/ spicy Tuna/ Tobiko

Caribbean Roll 14
Smoked Eel/Tamago/Crabstick/ cucumber / avocado pineapple salsa

Kawasaki Roll 13
Spicy crabstick/ shrimp tempura/rice paper/ tempura bites

Pretty Woman Roll 13
Shrimp/Smoke Eel/Spicy Crab/ Avocado

Rainbow Roll 13
Tuna/Salmon/ Flounder /cucumber/ avocado 

Crunchy Roll 12
Smoked salmon/eel /avocado / tempura bits

Dynamite 11
Tuna/crab stick/masago/ spicy mayo/deep fried with tempura

Real Crab Roll 12
Lump crab meat/avocado/ cucumber

Spider Roll 11.99     Shrimp Tempura 10.99      Spicy Scallop Roll 7.95  

  Nigiri 2 Pieces 

Baby Octopus 5.25 
  Crabstick 4.75
  Crabmeat 12.00 
  Flounder 5.50 
  Ikura 6.50 
  Inari 4.00 
  Masago 6.50 
  Octopus 6.50 
  Rock Fish 5.50 
  Smoke Eel 6.75 
  Salmon 6.00 
  Shrimp 7.25 
  Smoked Salmon 6.50 
  Surf Clam 5.25 
  Spicy Scallop 7.95 
  Tomago 4.50 
  Tuna 6.95 
  Tobiko 6.50 
  White tuna-escolar 6.75 
  Yellow Tail 6.95

Chirashi 24
chef's selection of assorted Raw Fish over a bowl of sushi rice. No substitutions please

Sushi Dinner 25
chef's selection of assorted 10 pieces of Nigiri. No substitutions please 

Sashimi Dinner 26
chef's selection of assorted Raw Fish 5 Kind of sashimi. No substitutions please 

Sashimi Supreme 30
chef's selection of assorted 7 Kind of sashim No substitutions please 

Sushi Sashimi 30
chef's selection of assorted 5 kind of nigiri and 5 kind of sashimi. No substitutions please 

Tekka Don 23
  Bowl of the sushi rice topped with Tuna 

Sake Don 17
Bowl of the sushi rice topped with Salmon

Una Jyu 22
Bowl of the sushi rice topped with the smoke Eel 

Sushi Platter 52
California roll, shrimp tempura, spider roll, dynamite roll chef's selection of assorted 4 pieces nigiri 
​No substitutions please 

*These items are served raw or under cooked. Consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness

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