**Seafood Pasta 35                                           
​    Scallops /shrimp/mussels/crab meat /spinach fettuccini
    creamy red curry pepper garlic sauce

Stir Fry Steak with pasta 26
Beef tenderloin tips /shanghai style noodles /bell pepper/onion/ mushroom/ sweet soy

**Beef Merlot 19                     
     Beef /string bean/snow peas/zucchini/mushrooms/onion/red pepper
     Merlot sauce /rice noodles 

**Drunken Noodles 19                           
    Jumbo shrimp/Beef/snow peas/grape tomato/bean sprouts/green onion/onion
    bell peppers/egg/spicy sweet soy

**Thai Shrimp Noodles 19                                    
   Wide rice noodles/shiitake mushrooms/red peppers/zucchini /onion
    shrimp/topped with bean sprouts /carrot/lime/peanuts/spicy peanut sauce

Shrimp with pan-fried noodles (Cantonese style chow mein) 18                           
    Pan fried egg noodles/shrimp/snow peas/bean sprouts/bamboo/
    shiitake mushrooms/carrots/onion/green onion/ginger sauce

**Chicken Pod Thai 17                                     
    snow peas/onion/carrots/bean sprouts/green onion/peanuts 

**Singapore Noodles 星洲米粉 17                      
    Rice noodles/shrimp/roasted pork/onion/bean sprouts/bell peppers 
    carrots/curry sauce

Beef Chow Fun  干炒牛河 17                       
   Wide rice noodles/beef/onion/bean sprouts/green onions/ginger garlic

**Dan Dan Noodles 17
shanghai style noodles cooked with peanut sauce/stir fry ground Beef with hot bean sauce/sunny side up egg

Bistro Special Lo Mein 15

Shrimp Lo mein 14

Beef Lo Mein 14 

Chicken Lo Mein 13

These items are served raw or under cooked. Consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness


** Hot and Spicy
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All entrees, with exception of pasta, are served with
steamed rice