**Seafood Pasta                                     
​    Scallops /shrimp/mussels/crab meat /spinach fettuccini
    creamy red curry pepper garlic sauce

**Beef Tenderloin with Spinach Fettuccini                                          
     Beef tenderloin tips/snow peas/tomato/onion/redpepper/
      fresh mushrooms/black pepper sauce    

**Stir Fry Udon noodles with jumbo lump crab meat and shrimp 
   sweet chard/red pepper/onion/snow peas/mushroom/
    spicy pepper cream sauce

**Beef Merlot                       
     Beef /string bean/snow peas/zucchini/mushrooms/onion/red pepper
     Merlot sauce /rice noodles 

**Drunken Noodles                           
    Jumbo shrimp/Beef/snow peas/grape tomato/green onion/onion
    bell peppers/egg/spicy sweet soy

**Thai Shrimp Noodles                                     
   Wide rice noodles/shiitake mushrooms/red peppers/zucchini /onion
    shrimp/spicy peanut sauce

Shrimp with pan-fried noodles (Cantonese style chow mein)                            
    Pan fried egg noodles/shrimp/snow peas/bean sprouts/bamboo/
    shiitake mushrooms/carrots/onion/green onion/ginger sauce

**Chicken Pod Thai                                      
    snow peas/onion/carrots/bean sprouts/green onion/peanuts 

**Singapore Noodles                       
    Rice noodles/shrimp/roasted pork/onion/bean sprouts/bell peppers 
    carrots/curry sauce

Beef Chow Fun                        
   Wide rice noodles/beef/onion/bean sprouts/green onions/ginger garlic

Bistro Special Lo Mein

Shrimp Lo mein 

Beef Lo Mein 

Chicken Lo Mein


** Hot and Spicy
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All entrees, with exception of pasta, are served with
steamed rice