Fusion of Asian Cuisine

 Fried Zucchini with spicy Crab melt 16

 Sesame seared Ahi Tuna 12.95

 Mussels w/ Garlic Pepper Sauce 11.99
  Garlic/tomato/onion/pepper cream sauce

  Bao Bun with seared Ahi Tuna 11
 Seaweed salad/enoki mushroom/spicy poke sauce

  Bao Bun with Steak Teriyaki 10.00

  Bao Bun with Pork Belly 9.00
  Green lettuce/green onion/ hoisin sriracha

  Bao Bun with seared salmon 9.00
  cucumber, carrot/spicy mayo

  Bao Bun with BBQ Pork 8.50
  Hoisin sauce / onion

*Spicy Pepper Salt Calamari 11.99 

  BBQ Spare Ribs 11.99 

BBQ Shrimp 12.00  
  Wok-seared jumbo shrimp/ mustard wine BBQ sauce 
  Asian fried bread

  Chicken Lettuce Wraps 10.95
  Water chestnuts/ rice sticks/fresh Lettuce 

  **Rock Shrimp Tempura 11.99
  Battered shrimp tossed with spicy mayo 

  Crab Wonton filled with cream cheese 10.95

  Steak on a Stick 6.99

  *Togarashi Edamame 6.99 

  Edamame 6.50 

  Steamed or Fried Dumplings 7.95

  Egg Roll (1) Shrimp & cabbage 2.95 


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All item NO MSG  added
All entrees, with exception of pasta, are served with
steamed rice