Green tea is the most natural tea class. It has the most medical value and is very law in caffeine.

-Dragon Well
-Japanese Popcorn Green Tea
-Cherry Blossom Green Tea
This Japanese Green Tea is blended with real flower petals and floral scents. The lush aromas and unique sweet flavors 
Combine with the green tea

Black tea is a fully fermented tea class. It is the everyday tea of the west and northwest. It is good for
Cleaning up the digestive channel. because it’s an emulsifier for fat and cholesterol..Weight watchers gospel.

-Mango Flavored Black Tea
-Pu’er w/chrysanthemum (served with crystal sugar)
-Peach Flavored Black Tea                                      
-Yunnan Tea
This black tea hails from Yunnan, China. What sets Yunnan Tea apart is the sheer number of buds (golden tips) preserved 
in production. These soft leaves yield a very sweet and gentle aroma, with a distinctly peppery taste. A very versatile tea, 
it will not become too bitter if ver.-steeped. We highly recommend this tea to first-timers for that reason, but newbie’s and connoisseurs like sing its praises.

-Orange Pekoe Tea
Orange Pekoe contains no orange. Don't feel bad, it's a common mistake. What it does contain is full rolled leaves of high-
quality Grade black tea. Lower grades of Orange Pekoe are widely used in mass-market tea bags. It produces robust copper 
red liquor with a full body and well-balanced flavor

Studies suggest White tea has even more cancer-fighting antioxidants than green tea. Researchers believe that the minimal 
processing required could leave white tea with higher concentrations of polyphenols, naturally occurring substances that have been shown to fight cancer. White tea is also good for the stomach and it can also be used to dispel the heat.

-Peony White Tea
White Peony tea is also known as "Pai Mu Tan" and is produced in the Fujian province of China. White Peony tea is made 
from the buds and leaves that remain after the famous Silver Tip white tea has been harvested.

Flower tea is sometimes called scented tea. Popular in northern China, flower tea starts with a base (Black, green etc.) 
 And then ingredients such as flower petals are added.

-Chrysanthemum (served with crystal sugar) 

Oolong tea is a class of tea as well as a kind of tea. This tea is half-fermented which makes it relatively thick In flavor. It is popular in southern China and Taiwan, mainly for its roll as an emulsifier for fat and cholesterol. 
Because of this, make sure not to drink on an empty stomach.

-Raspberry Oolong
-Orange Oolong
-Iron Guan Yun
It is a premium Oolong produced in Anxi in South Fujian province of China. Ti Guan Yin is named after the Buddhist deity .
Guan Yin. Our Ti Guan Yin Oolong Special is lightly fermented and steeps light green liquor which has a slightly nutty flavor, Light aroma, with hints of fruit.

-House Oolong

Decaf Teas 
-Decaf Raspberry Tea
-Decaf Earl Grey Tea

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